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I’ve had yoga in my life since I was a kid through my mom. WAY back in the 80’s when yoga was not that cool. But, I actually loved it and aspired to be a yogi. As life would have it, I had to grow up pretty young as a single mom… 

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All the benefits of a wellness retreat blended into your daily life, so you can live your “PERFECT DAY, EVERY DAY”. We all know or have heard of the immense benefits that come from immersing yourself in a week-long wellness retreat with the right dose of yoga, meditation, healthy foods, healing practices, and more… right?  So, why not learn to shift your life and make these practices a part of your daily life, every day?

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If you are ready to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE, then I’VE GOT THE TOOLS to help make this happen. Whether its untamable stress, unhealthy habits, fears, lack of confidence or motivation that holds you back, I can assure you… YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN YOU… way deep in your subconscious mind. Let’s chat! I’ll answer all your questions on why and how the proven power of hypnosis can completely SHIFT YOUR LIFE, like it did mine

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