I’ve had yoga in my life since I was a kid through my mom. WAY back in the 80’s when yoga was not that cool.  But, I actually loved it and aspired to be a yogi.

As life would have it, I had to grow up pretty young as a single mom. Fast forward, I would even say I became a workaholic… and yoga and many of my spiritual growth pathway learnings took a backseat.

As my kids got older, I felt uneasy about my future, but couldn’t figure out why. I learned about hypnosis through a friend and I signed up for a three month program.

My life shifted entirely from this experience and since then, I never stopped learning and practicing the beauty of living in flow from within.

I have since become a certified yoga instructor, hypnotist, neuro-linguistic programming facilitator, breathwork instructor, sound healer and Reiki Master practitioner.

Since breaking away from the corporate grind, I’ve been able to follow my heart where I continue to make an impact in others’ lives.   Only now I can make a difference through the proven power of hypnosis and other natural modalities that have been incredibly impactful in my own life.